Thursday, January 13, 2011

Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

We are Michelle and Leslie, both bookaholics and proud of it. Michelle is 23 years old and a full-time second grade teacher and Leslie is 14 years old and a freshman in high school. Don't let the URL fool you, our blog is all about books--young adult books in particular and the occasional romance. We have been blogging since September of 2009 and it began as something to keep Michelle busy and her mind off the fact that all the places she applied to after graduating in college weren't calling. She LOVES books so it only made sense to blog about books. Leslie came on board after Michelle found a job and couldn't quite keep up with the blog by herself. Our blog is our way of documenting and sharing our thoughts about the books we've read and soon-to-be-released books we are excited about. Besides reviews, some of our weekly posts included Books We Covet, Book Trailer of the Week, various book-related discussion posts, vlogs, blog tours and giveaways. We do sometimes accept review [ARCs and finished] copies from authors and publishers.

Country: USA
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