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A directory for all YA-related blogs. This directory is created for blogs written by Authors and Readers of Young Adult books worldwide. It caters for YA book bloggers that would like to network or readers of the Young Adult genre that are looking for book recommendations. It's also for YA Authors looking to publicize their books or Publishers looking for reviewers. Whatever your needs, we hope this directory will meet them.

Current Contributor: Angelica 

My name's Angelica and I'm no longer in my teens but I do love YA books probably more-so now than when I was a teen. I'm the third contributor of this directory, preceding Elaine at I Live In A Fictional World. I'm also a writer for a YA book blog called Paperback Princess.

I don't have children but I do have three furbabies; Nikki (Maltese Terrier), Buffy (American Staffordshire) and Shadow (English Staffordshire). Apart from my favorite past-time, reading, I also enjoy Scrapbooking, Folk Art painting and Web browsing (forums and blog hopping). 

I'm quite hopeless at writing "About" posts so I will leave it at that for now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it later. 

I just wanted to say thanks for having me on YA Blogosphere and I do hope that I do as well as the previous Contributors, big shoes to fill but alas I will try my hardest to be at your service to connect all lovers of the YA-genre together.

Past Contributor: Elaine 

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"I started my own YA review blog a few years back and when I saw Steph was looking to pass The YA Blogosphere on, I jumped at the opportunity. And it was so awesome to run The YAB! I was able to visit hundreds of wonderful blogs - and the best part was that  I didn't even have to search for them. The one comment I got the most was what a great service this directory provides. I'm so glad there is someone equally passionate to keep the posts going because the bloggers, the writers, and the readers, never sleep! 

Now that I have passed on The YAB myself, I have time to pursue other hobbies such as making jewelry. I'm also hoarding crafty DIY projects so I can give my little home a complete HGTV makeover! 

Wish me luck and, as always, Happy Reading!"
Founder: Steph Bowe

I started the YA Blogosphere in mid-2009 as an offshoot of the YA Book Blog Directory, shortly after I first started book blogging, as I thought it would be handy way to find out about new book blogs (I read a lot of YA book blogs at the time!). I'm now an author of YA novels including GIRL SAVES BOY and ALL THIS COULD END (Text Publishing, Australia and New Zealand) and my work has been translated into Spanish, Dutch and Catalan. I live in Queensland, Australia, with my family.

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