Monday, February 18, 2013

Whatever You Can Still Betray

Whatever You Can Still Betray

Contributor: Ayanami Faerudo
Country: Philippines
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Hi there! This is Ayanami of Whatever You Can Still Betray. Funny name really for a book blog. I didn't imagine John LeCarre will one day be my banner name although it the blog is not as tragic as it sounds. *laughter*. 

My name is Myrtle. Sheesh, there goes my anonymity.  Anyway, I go by Ayanami Faerudo (I don't want to explain about it - too long) online.  

I'm a graduate student, major in Asian Studies. I'm a bibliophile who reads all kinds of books, mostly YA, and manga - a passion that spawned this book/random things blog. I keep a journal where I write all the dreams that I remember. I watch films, whatever their genre except indie and I occasionally talk about them in this blog.  I don't watch that much TV but if ever I do, it's mostly tuned in on cooking or house improvement shows. I am one of those who are gaga over anime and a certain farm boy who says "As you wish". I don't like spicy food but I'm a certified chocoholic.
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