Monday, July 19, 2010

To people who don't have a passion for books, they just see them as "Just A Book". To book lovers, books are much more than that. They have the ability to make you cry or scream for joy. They teach you lessons, and even some books, the books that really strike you as something, leave you wondering and thinking.

Bio: My Blog "More Than Just A Book" mainly focuses on YA Books. It's pretty much a random mix of Book Reviews (old, not yet-released, and newly released books) News of YA Books around the Internet like New Books, Release Dates, Artistic Covers, and just interesting stuff I find on the Internet about my favorite authors and books. I haven't had the honor of interviewing any authors but I am looking forward to the opportunity! Occasionally, I also mention my own personal experiences as a Teen Reader. I can post up to 1 - 5 or more posts a day, depending on what I stumble upon. You never know what you're gonna find and post, that's why I love being a Blogger.

Contact: Alex
Country: United States
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