Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Girdle of Melian

Blog bio: I am a writer living in Montreal, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey. I've just completed my latest young adult novel The Face of A Lion, described as follows:

Austin is a typical twelve year old with too much time on his hands – bored with his parents, bored with the rustic Turkish village they’ve hauled him off to – he’s longing for something, anything, to happen. His wish is granted when he meets Kedi. Excitement, adventure, even a little danger, abound. Austin should be delighted, but something’s not quite right. Kedi is a cat. A talking cat. A talking, time-travelling cat, who whisks Austin back in time to Ephesus, nearly 2,000 years ago, where Austin faces the biggest challenge of his life.
Austin makes a fierce enemy in Lady Porphyry, an evil spirit masquerading as a noble woman, who is bent on changing the course of history, so that civilization as Austin knows it never comes to exist. Austin finds that he and Kedi are all that stand between two possible futures, and now his own life depends on every move he makes in the past. Can he come up with a plan to save history, and himself?

I am currently seeking an agent, and have begun two new novels! Another young adult novel, this one set in 1492, and an adult murder mystery, set in the 1920s. The blog chronicles my writing journey, as well as the books I'm reading, writers' tips, and travels.


Country: Canada
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