Monday, February 25, 2013

The Book Owl

The Book Owl

Contributor: Rashika
Country: Finland

So hi, my name is Rashika and I am a diplobrat. Right now I live in Finland. I love to read and I like to share my opinions about books I read. Reading is important to me but what fun is reading when you cannot share your opinions?
I also like writing out my feelings about the books I read. My reviews are more along the “say the first thing that comes to my mind” lines. My blog is way for me to make everything more organized because I am obsessed with organization.
I do it for myself though because someday when I am super old it would be fun to read all of the stuff I have to say.
I am on a mission to find the perfect book although I think we all are. I have had some close encounters with “the one” but none have quite reached the mark. The closest I have ever come was “On the Jellicoe Road” (although my opinion is likely to change).
I am weird and I get super excited when talking about books. I’ve also been trying to write a book. I’ve started three, gave up each time. Maybe someday. I’m not much of a writer. More like following the “If it doesn’t exist, write it” policy.
Oh and when I am sad, I like reading reviews to bad books. It makes me feel better(like I said, I am weird).
I also love to bake and I am a huge Star Wars fan.
Thanks and drop by my blog if you have some spare time. 

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