Monday, February 25, 2013

Maji Bookshelf

Maji Bookshelf

Contributors: Juhina & Farah Elmajdoub
Country: Canada

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Two sisters that have the same passion. Reading, blogging, writing, and spending hours staring at their computers. They've always loved reading and after stumbling upon the blogging community in 2011 they just couldn't stay away.

Juhina: 22 years old, a Chemical Engineering graduate. She occupies her time by reading, blogging, and watching wayyyyyy too many shows. She's a perfectionist, sometimes to the point of obsession, and has always taken too much responsibility than what she could handle and usually sacrifices her sleep to keep up with everything. 

Farah: 16, is a high school student. She's the more free spirited type of the two which always means that Juhina is always harping on her to do this or that. She's an artist, specializes in manga drawing, she plays her guitar, and takes instagram photography of her healthy food and living. 

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