Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lili Lost in a Book

Lili Lost in a Book 

I'm Liliana and I'm 21.

Some things about me:

I am a 1st year nursing student (just started Fall 2012!)

I love reading (duh!) and writing.

My favorite color is purple.

I'm the horror movie type of girl (I love getting scared for some odd reason...the adrenaline rush!)
I am totally in love with mythology! I love all mythology (Egyptian, Norse, etc...) but Greek has got to be my favorite! My favorite gods/goddesses include: Apollo (god of the sun, music, archery, and healing), Hecate (goddess of crossroads and magic/witchcraft), and I have recently added Hades (god of the dead and the Underworld) to that list, as well.

If I were to have some super cool supernatural ability, it would be healing. Now, If I were to be a supernatural creature, I'd be a witch! I love witches and all their magical witchiness! And right next to witches, my favorite supernatural creatures are reapers. This is thanks to books like Madison Avery, the Soul Screamers, and my favorite: Croak by Gina Damico! I still haven't figured out of this is morbid or not, lol.

Contributor: Liliana
Email: lili.lost.in.a.book@gmail.com
Country: US 
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