Monday, January 14, 2013

The Book Wranglers

Blog Name:- The Book Wranglers
Contributor's Name:- Liz Boyd & Deidre Davis
Email Address:-
Country:- US 

About Blog:- We interview authors, host giveaways, review books, talk about new releases and keep readers updated on publishing industry news and events.  We specialize in Young Adult Fantasy and Erotic Fiction.

Contributor's Bio:- We’re just two friends.

Two friends brought together by books. It’s a classic story of obsession and love. We love books and we’ve slowly become obsessed with talking about them. Now that we’re a few years into our friendship we’ve found that the publishing industry is a tough one and that we wish there were more resources available to those wanting to break into it. Though we both have jobs in publishing, we want to learn more about the different positions available to us.

So…our blog. We’re going to talk to different industry execs, talk about books we’ve read, talk about upcoming events, talk to authors and generally feed our obsession by immersing ourselves ever more deeply in the world of books.



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