Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feed Me Books Now!!!

Feed Me Books Now!!!

Contributor's Name:- Ruby Ham
Email Address:-
Country:- UK

Bio:-  Hi, I'm Ruby, the 14-year-old book addict behind Feed Me Books Now. It goes without saying that I've had my fair few bookish adventures (ranging from a game of capture the flag with Tris and Four to causing chaos with Alaska and Pudge); if I'm not busy writing or doing my homework, it's most likely I'm curled up in my bed with another good book and another great adventure! I read & review a bit of everything on my blog -- from dystopian epics to old classics, from historical fiction to Gothic horrors! I mean, why should you only read the predictable teen romances when there are shelves of possibilities? I'd really appreciate it if any fellow book lovers checked out my blog as I love talking books to people!

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