Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello, my name is Asher Knight. You can find me around the blogosphere under A. Knight, Asher Knight, or just Asher. It is an alias I use to write for my YA Book Blog, Paranormal Indulgence, in which I review, discuss, and showcase a variety of YA releases. My blog is peppered with fun, flavored features but is not hampered by them. I also discuss TV shows that typically appeal to the YA audience, participate in outside memes (i.e. Jennifer's Blog Hop, Kristi's In My Mailbox, etc.), and am a strong, serious advocate of anti-bullying and I write posts which reflect that. I am also a disciple of the Cover Art gods, and regularly thank them for some of the genius work that happen to grace my eyes. I'm always looking forward to making new friends, and discovering new blogs and reads. And you and yours are no exception.
Country: USA
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