Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bio: Hello! I'm Race, age 18, and I am currently writing a YA romance. That is, I am when I'm not reading. I have resurrected my personal blog and I am revamping it to reflect my real interests. Book reviews, interviews... you name it. But if you'd like to get all that and more now you will want to visit the Teens Writing For Teens blog at Wordpress. TWFT is a group blog written by teens (and teens at heart) who write YA fiction (some are represented by agents or have manuscripts sold to publishers... details will of course be posted on TWFT). TWFT has posts on writing YA fiction, book reviews, agent and author interviews, and a book club.

Visit www.teenswritingforteens.com.

And my personal blog at www.thecreare.blogspot.com.

Age: 18

Country: USA

E-mail: racemer@yahoo.com
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