Monday, April 25, 2011

Sadly, I cannot get away with an “about” page without saying something about myself. So here goes nothing. Prepared to be AMAZED!!!! (Or just act like it at least)
Once upon a time there was a girl named The Bookie Monster. One day she realized that she was being called to a greater purpose. So without further ado, this talented and extraordinary girl began to search for her calling. Years passed without success. There was a close call when she discovered her love for cookies, but even these delicious, straight from God, doughy balls of goodness could not fulfill her inner turmoil. There was something more to life.
One day she happened upon a seemingly normal book that changed her world forever. For safety purposes, I’ll refer to said book as Perry Otter. This series brought joy and happiness and rainbows with sparkly hearts into her life and she knew she had found her calling. From that moment on, her whole life revolved around her new relationship with these books. As she grew up and became more acquainted with computers and the wonders of the internet, she began to discover these magical places where magical things happened. These book blogs, as they were called, brought her to a whole new understanding of her calling. So she became a wizard and created this magic herself and the rest is history.
The End.
Wasn’t that a lovely story? My favorite part is when that beautiful and amazing girl became a wizard.
Country: United States
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