Thursday, June 24, 2010

All About the Wordplay

Bio: One day, I decided to delve into something that everyone around me, including myself, was unfamiliar with. So I started a blog.

Stemming from my love of books, my blog flows with all things having to do with them.

And as everyone has a different taste in music, everyone has a different taste in books. That being said, I can't limit myself to any specific genre. I like certain aspects of them all. Choosing though, I'd say my gut reaction is to pick up fiction, chick-lit, or something with a romance. I will admit that I read mostly, if not all YA. If I could, I'd spend all my time reading like that. I'm always at the Local Bookstore. I just can't get enough of the stuff!

From past and present readings of YA novels, I discuss my thoughts on books, life, and everything in between as I read and review.

Country: United States

Contact: Krystal (PeechieKeen), All About the Wordplay
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