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My name is Florentine and I am a positive, bubbly, outspoken and open minded person. I would like to thank my wonderful parents for these traits, who took me from a small Caribbean island called Aruba, to the fantastic sophisticated city of Paris in France, and to the grounded but very international country also known as The Netherlands. 

I have fallen in love with reviewing ever since I spotted book bloggers writing about their opinions on book they adore (or sometimes not so much). Throughout my blogging, I found the genres that I like the most and enjoy writing honest, constructive and creative reviews about. 

I love Young Adult, dystopian, thriller, horror, adventurous, mystical, Sci-Fi, and romantic books! I would like to think that I am a very open minded person so I would almost be open to anything else that strikes my interest and may deviate a little from my book genre preferences.

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