Sunday, January 8, 2012

My name is Heidi, and I am a librarian.  The awesome kind.  The kind that will stand up for intellectual freedom and your right to read whatever you damn well please.  Among other things. However, those things do not concern us here, and so I won't waste our time explaining them.  You are welcome to equate me to your favorite librarian hero, be it Lucien, Giles, Batgirl, or the wonderful librarian that gave you your first library card and fostered your love of reading.  Contrary to popular belief, being a librarian isn't all about loving and reading books.  Luckily, this blog is about little else.  I'm a fairly eclectic  reader, so you're likely to see a wide range of reviews here. Not every book is written for every reader, but you can usually figure out how I feel about a book based on my recommendations and the likelihood that I'll read other books from the author/series. If it sounds intriguing to you, try it!  If it doesn't, skip it!  It's as simple as that. 
Country: United States
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