From Page One, created on January 25, 2011, is a blog owned by a book blogger known as Lee O. Mejia. And that's me. I’m an eighteen-year-old Communication Arts student who loves reading and writing. My passion in reading just started a year ago but I’m planning to read more. Most of the books I was able to read are YA books. I also read paranormal, and romance-fantasy. The main goal of my blog is to tell the whole world that men read, too. Also, I want to tell everyone who would read this that reading is a great hobby. It opens you to a bigger, and brighter world and I hope that with my blog, this will be heard and be believed in. This blog is dedicated to all the people who love reading, like me, and to those who just started reading, like me again. So please enjoy reading my posts because I enjoyed writing them!  
Country: Philippines