Tuesday, January 25, 2011


GatheringBooks is a space devoted to celebrating timeless narratives written for the young-at-heart. We are a gathering of bibliophiles and book-hunters who are ageless enough to declare that magic, enchantment, and castles-in-the-air exist … if you know where to find ‘em. Through our passion for the written word, we wish to develop a collection of our favorite picture books for children (and grown-ups too!) and young adult (YA) literature, and yes fiction for grown ups (on occasion) – and share this with fellow book-lovers, inspired teachers, and enthusiastic parents who are aware of the power of narrative and story-telling in shaping and molding young minds.

Our team of three – spread out across three countries (Singapore, Philippines, San Diego USA) – would attempt as much as we can to write about books that “spoke” to us in one way or another. We hope to slowly build a resource that would be meaningful to fellow book-hunters, parents, and teachers who are continually on the look-out for sites such as these to tear their little tykes away from tivo, psp, and network gaming (just to cite a few).

We are currently hosting a Whodunit Reading Challenge (Suspense, Mystery, and Crime) from January-June 2011. Join us and sign up for a chance to win book prizes and a few more freebies besides. Contact us through the following email addresses:
Countries: Singapore, USA, Philippines
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