Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bookgril Knitting

Zombie Girl Shambling 

I am a bookseller, book reviewer and working on my first two YA novels. I started blogging a month or so ago and love it. My focus on these two blogs is primarily YA. Bookgirl Knitting has a few other things also.
My third blog is a little different, but still very much YA oriented. It is a cute zombie blog with some gothic elements. No biting. I keep it lighthearted and fun. (YA centric)

Blogging and book reviewing has become a way of life for me. I have five blogs. The ones not mentioned above are a cookbook blog and the other for knitting and crafty distractions from writing my books. I won the Versatile Blogger award for Bookgirl in the Kitchen recently. I have 9 rescue dogs, knit and crochet like a fiend, love my new Nookcolor and Ipad, have spoken recently at a YA/MG writers group here in Houston and will be speaking in early January to the Houston branch of SCWBI. I am on Facebook, Twitter as Dana19018, Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Bookblogs and

I originally hail from Waukegan, Illinois, but spent most of my childhood in Florida and Virginia.  My younger years were primarily spent reading in my room, complete with Halloween vampire posters on the walls year round, and monster characters on my desk. (My current office has the same décor.)
Throughout high school, I read like a crazy woman. As I got my second job at a bookstore, my love of books was even more fully entrenched.  Paychecks optional. Books essential.
Now I still work at a bookstore and am writing two of my own YA books. I discovered blogging in September of 2010 and haven’t budged far from my computer or phone ever since.
My hobbies are writing YA, baking, knitting, stitching, crochet, movie watching, rescue puppies, book reviewing and running down the chocolate aisle at the local grocery store in search of the newest and oddest chocolate I can find.

Country: USA

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